Vitamin D is Good for What Ails You

Are you feeling the winter blues? It could be that your fatigue and sense of the blahs is due to low Vitamin D. In the winter months it’s hard to get enough sunshine for our bodies to naturally produce the vitamin D we need. So it makes sense to take a supplement. Vitamin D deficiency […] Read more »

Need A Good Night’s Sleep?

Some nights it’s harder than others to get a good night’s sleep. For some folks, maybe you, good sleep is pretty rare. If you’re not getting a restful 7-9 hours each night, your health could be negatively affected. Fatigue, poor concentration and poor reflexes are familiar side-effects of a lousy night’s sleep, but did you […] Read more »

Simple Solutions for Belly Fat

Lots of us struggle with that extra bit around the middle, and no wonder, it’s due to stress! The stress hormone cortisol is related to high insulin levels and gaining more weight in the stomach. Fortunately, there are simple solutions, and they’re not all strict diets and hours in the gym. Here’s what you need […] Read more »

Top Foods To Avoid With High Blood Pressure

It is estimated that 30 percent of people in America have high blood pressure. Fortunately, dietary changes can help lower blood pressure. People who are not getting enough fruits and vegetables often have low potassium levels and high sodium levels. This imbalance of sodium and potassium can contribute to high blood pressure. Below is a […] Read more »

Five Toxins That Affect Thyroid Health

If you have been feeling tired and sluggish lately, then there could possibly be something wrong with your thyroid. A compromised thyroid is one of the many things that could cause you to feel tired and sluggish. There are medications available to treat thyroid problems. However, medications may not address the problem. There may toxins […] Read more »

Reasons to Eat Garlic

Often referred to as a “smelly rose,” garlic is a popular ingredient that is found in many dishes to add flavor. In addition to being a favorite staple in the kitchen, it has other health benefits and healing properties when applied or ingested. The following reasons showcase what garlic can actually do for your body. Read more »

How To Heal Your Kidneys Naturally

Important New Medical Research Millions of people worldwide have problems with their kidneys that make daily living difficult. But there’s good news! New research reveals that a simple substance found in most homes can help to relieve the symptoms caused by kidney disease. Most individuals have at least one box of baking soda in their […] Read more »