Natural Heartburn Relief

Mild to moderate heartburn, also called GERD, is pretty common. It’s not a serious condition, in terms of threat to your health, but it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. If left untreated, GERD can develop into more serious conditions, like stomach ulcers, but if dealt with while mild it can be managed. There can be […] Read more »

Licorice: More Than Just Candy

Licorice Benefits   You may know of Licorice as the black jellybeans or rope candy, or perhaps as an ingredient in traditional root beer, but there is much more to Licorice root than its sweet earthy taste! (and those jellybeans are flavored with anise these days anyway!) Licorice is a powerful medicinal herb, and an […] Read more »

Heartburn Solutions

Let’s face it, Americans are stressed, and one of the uncomfortable side-effects of stress is mild to moderate heartburn. If you experience heartburn more often than you like, and you’ve ruled out more serious conditions, there are some simple and natural solutions that can bring you relief! Heartburn, or gastric reflux, occurs when there is […] Read more »