Nettles: Using The Whole Plant

Stinging Nettle, Urtica dioicaI’ll paraphrase one of my favorite herbalists, jim mcdonald, when he speaks to the difficulty some folks have in gaining confidence with herbs. He suggests picking one or two herbs to focus on completely– Grow them, eat them, read about them, make medicine with them, etc.; if you really got to know, […] Read more »

Can One Herb Really Do All That??

Stinging Nettles Can one herb really… Soften the skin Luxuriate and bring shine to hair Control allergies Cleanse the liver Aid in kidney function Help with arthritis and joint pain Provide essential vitamins and minerals Refresh, tone and rejuvenate the entire body Help you survive if lost in the wild The answer is yes! And […] Read more »

How To Heal Your Kidneys Naturally

Important New Medical Research Millions of people worldwide have problems with their kidneys that make daily living difficult. But there’s good news! New research reveals that a simple substance found in most homes can help to relieve the symptoms caused by kidney disease. Most individuals have at least one box of baking soda in their […] Read more »

10 Habits That Can Stress Your Kidneys

Your kidneys absorb minerals, eliminate toxins, filter your blood, neutralize acids, and produce hormones and urine. When they become damaged, however, their ability to function properly is compromised. To avoid this damage, there are 10 habits that you should avoid. Read more »