Relight Your Digestive Fire, Part II

Do you experience sluggish digestion? Wet coughing after meals? Gas and bloating? Difficulties with elimination? Something else equally unpleasant? Or maybe you’re just looking for some digestive TLC? All of our digestive processes are driven by an inner form of fire known as “agni”. Agni can get tamped down and suppressed by stress, poor diet, […] Read more »

Probiotics Benefits

Probiotics Benefits There are generally two periods of time in which you may benefit from taking probiotics: when you’re taking a course of antibiotics, and when you’re not. Antibiotics kill bacteria in your intestines and don’t discriminate between harmful bacteria and the benevolent bacteria that help your body digest food and contribute to overall health. […] Read more »

Power of Probiotics

Probiotics Health

What are Probiotics? Herbal shops offer supplement capsules and tablets containing probiotics that are designed to improve the body’s mental and physical health. Probiotics offer multiple benefits such as making it easier to digest foods and beverages without developing gastric distress. Probiotics are a type of microorganism that will thrive in the body’s gastrointestinal tract […] Read more »