Zinc and the Immune System

Virus defense Zinc is an essential nutrient involved in proper immune function and healing. It is a highly recommended supplement as many are deficient in this mineral. The well-known zinc lozenge is helpful, especially when fighting off a cold or sore throat, but a food-based zinc supplement is a good choice for everyday, or during […] Read more »

Zinc For Great Skin

If you’re longing for clear, healthy, radiant skin, then zinc supplements can make a world of difference. These pills are affordable, kick in with impressive results after a month or two, and do a body good. Let’s take a look at what the important trace mineral zinc is all about. First, zinc is naturally present […] Read more »

Zinc: You Can’t Live Without It!

Zinc is an essential trace element, a necessary nutrient for life. Zinc is necessary for immune function, growth & development, proper sexual function, thyroid function, blood clotting, and much, much more. Although only tiny amounts of zinc are necessary for human health, those tiny amounts perform many different and important functions in the body. Things […] Read more »