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Are You Looking For A Natural Health Solution For Your Health Problems?

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Are you frustrated by common health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, insomnia, thyroid issues, anxiety, stress, depression, IBS, skin problems, digestive issues or other ailments?

Is your current treatment simply masking the problem and not getting to the cause? Or maybe, you’re just simply living with it without medical treatment and perhaps have had enough.

Heal Naturally The Way Nature Intended It

Well, as a professional Registered Herbalist (RH), Tom Wolfe is offering a one on one clinical session to help determine what the best route is for managing your health and bringing balance back to the body naturally. Yes, naturally! Herbs offer a wide range of safe and effective therapeutic agents.

Herbalism is a wholistic practice, where you’ll receive your own personalized herbal formula. Whether you are blessed with good health and would like to help keep it that way, or are struggling with long-term health issues, herbal medicine can help.

Herbal Medicine is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health, while preventing and treating illness. The key words are preventing and treating NOT masking like painkillers and other drugs can do. When you mask a problem, it doesn’t go away. It stays there indefinitely because you’re just covering it up similar to sweeping dirt under the rug.

Studies show that 75% of the world’s population still rely primarily upon traditional healing practices, most of which is herbal medicine. Medicinal herbs can be as simple as taking a spoonful of herbs for gas and bloating or soaking in a bath with special herbal tea for headaches.

 For long term conditions such as gynecological problems, chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, treatment could include daily herbal tonics and supplements, as well as dietary changes, exercise, and stress-relieving practices. Herbal medicine works with the body to heal, not just mask symptoms.

What Can You Expect From An Clinical Herbal Consultation

An herbal consultation is an opportunity to sit down with Tom Wolfe, a Registered Herbalist (RH), and have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns. By the way, there are only 350 RH in the U.S. and Tom Wolfe is one of them. During your clinical consultation, Tom will spend 70 minutes with you not only listening and evaluating your health issues but more importantly, providing you with specific customized solutions to bring your body to a healthy state and back in balance. Tom will focus on 3 of your most pressing health concerns.

Whatever they may be, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, low energy, high cholesterol, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia, trauma, pain, inflammation, constipation, IBS, autoimmune disorders, menstrual irregularity and issues, low immunity, colds, flus, coughs, infections, respiratory conditions, digestive issues, skin problems, heart and circulatory conditions or any other health concerns.

Bringing a body back to balance is a powerful healing practice in Eastern philosophy. Modern medicine in the West has drifted away from this traditional wisdom.

Heal yourself naturally using ancient healing methods of the East and West

Schedule an herbal clinical consultation with Registered Herbalist (RH), Tome Wolfe, and here's what you'll receive:

  • Tom will spend 70 minutes with you listening to what your health related concerns are and will develop an herbal plan to have your body heal naturally.
  • Discuss and attack your 3 most pressing health issues: diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, low energy, constipation, IBS,  anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia, trauma, pain, inflammation, menopause, menstrual irregularity and issues, low immunity, colds, flus, coughs, infections, respiratory conditions, digestive issues, skin problems, heart and circulatory conditions or any other health concerns!
  • Empower yourself to not be reliant on your doctor, prescription and over-the-counter drugs that have multiple negative side effects and do long term damage to your kidneys and liver.

Mind, Body and Soul Approach

Tom focuses on the entire holistic approach for mind, body and spirit wellness. His plan is a 3 pronged approach which consists of  1) a customized herbal supplement plan 2) a food based plan and 3) a lifestyle plan. What doctor spends that kind of time with their patients?

A professional herbalist like Tom Wolfe really cares about your well-being. He wants to empower you to take your health into your own hands.

The fee for 70 minutes and for a 3 prong plan to attack your 3 most pressing health issues with a registered herbalist with 45 years experience is only $100. That’s a small fee to pay for being able to heal yourself naturally, don’t you think?

If you’ve read this far, then I know you take your health seriously. So take the next step by scheduling a 1-1 clinical consultation with Tom Wolfe now. First step is to pay through the safe and secure PayPal method (you don’t need to have an account) and then you’ll be taken to an online calendar to schedule your session with him.

3 Steps to Starting Your Healing

  1. ​Make a payment 
  2. After payment, you'll be directed to a calendar to self schedule your clinical consultation
  3. Meet with Tom Wolfe (RH) to begin your natural healing on your 3 top health concerns

Heal Naturally
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