Eye Fatigue: An Ayurvedic Approach

Computer Eye Fatigue

Our eyes take in a great deal of information from the world around us, and sometimes they may become overwhelmed with what they see. There is a great deal to digest in the form of light and images, since most of us get our news and entertainment from digital screens.

Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to protect your eyes and yourself from this information overload. Ayurveda, the ancient “science of life” from India, has some great self-care techniques for overwhelmed eyes.

General Eye Care

Wash the eyes and face each morning with cool or lukewarm, not hot, water. Splash gently, do not scrub, and pat to dry.

Spend a few minutes each day outside in natural light. Do not look directly into the sun, but turn your face to the light and bathe your closed eyes in sunlight. On cloudy days, you may look at a candle flame or natural fire instead.

Computer Fatigue

Every 30 minutes, turn your eyes away from the computer screen for at least 3 minutes. You may take a walk, stretch, splash your face with lukewarm or cool water, or practice eye cupping.

Eye Cupping

Rub your hands briskly together for about 10 seconds, so that they become warm from the friction. Place them over your eyes with the heels of your hands against your cheekbones. You may press as firmly as is comfortable for you. Do this 1-3 times to relieve the eyes.

Cooling Remedies

Bathing in Rosewater is cooling and soothing for tired, achy, overworked eyes. Soak organic cotton balls or pads in rosewater and place over the eyes for 3-5 minutes. This is amazingly refreshing!

Pure coconut oil is an excellent cooling and moisturizing treatment for the eyes. This is best done at night, just before bed. Take a small amount of pure organic coconut oil and dab it gently around the eyes (it’s okay if it gets in your eyes, but it may feel weird!).


With these basic techniques, you can protect and soothe your eyes from an over-stimulating world. Give it a try, I’m sure the ancient techniques of Ayurveda will work for you!



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  1. Wendy Williams says:

    Just the article I was looking for as my eyes have been dry, itchy, achy and need of moisturizing. Thanks Susan! I am definitely trying the rosewater & organic coconut oil dab on eyes!

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