Meet Our Professionals


Olivia MacMillan

Registered Aromatherapist;
Reiki Master; Five years experience in Essential Oils
Floor Manager; Class Developer and Presenter
I love the look on a customer’s face when they ask about a product and I get to teach them how they can make their own, have them get the supplies, and then teach them to prepare, say a rheumatoid arthritis remedy right there at the counter and how my customer’s face changes as they feel relief. That’s the magic of Smile.

Thomas Wolfe RH AHG

Tom is one of 350 professional members of the American Herbalists Guild, the primary organization representing clinical herbalism in the USA. Tom_Wolfe
Tom is also co-owner of the Smile Herb Shop, retail store and in College Park, Maryland that celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 15th 2015 Smile is the only place in the country where two professional members of the American Herbalists Guild and a total of 5 medical level herbalists can be found in one setting.

Tom was principal investigator for a grant team composed of James A Duke (ethnobotanist), Leonard Wisneski (endocrinologist), Narayan Patel (biochemist), David Hoffmann (Medical herbalist from Wales), and Paul Petit (third generation Medical herbalist from France). This team studied the use of herbal medicine in the treatment of high blood pressure. Tom presented the results of this research to the 27th annual symposium of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine in Atlanta in May, 1994 as the paper: “The Use of Allium and Crataegus in the Treatment of Stage One Essential Hypertension”.

Tom has served as the herbal columnist for Pathways magazine, for the past 27 years.
Tom was a founding stockholder in Integrative Medicine Communications, which was responsible for the publication of the Commission E Monographs.
Tom’s main study currently centers in Ayurveda, the traditional herbalism of the Indian subcontinent. He is particularly interested in parallels of physiology, spirituality and herbal use found to be consistent in the three elements of herbal medicine Ayurveda and the five elements of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Tom also has served on the board of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan DC, the boards of the William Penn House, and Washington Quaker Work camps.


Claudia Joy Wingo

Claudia_WingoClaudia is a practicing Clinical Herbalist, RN, Naturalist, Chef and Public Health Educator, Chef and Head of Education on the Executive Board of the National Herbalist Association of Australia. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine and a Master in Public Health (MPH) at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, blending her passion for both bioscience, health and medicinal plants.

She current positions include Interim Program Director of the Master of Health Promotion at Maryland University of Integrative Health, where is also on the teaching faculty of Integrative Science and Herbal Medicine programs and Senior Educator for the Smile Herb Shop’s Professional Herb Course. She also has a clinical practice at Smile, which she considers to be ‘the heart of herbalism’ with its long traditions & medicinal gardens..

Claudia has special interest in paediatrics and women’s health. Her placement for completion of her MPH was spent working for an NGO in PNG & Bangladesh supervising paediatric & maternal health clinics, focusing on preventative health and nutritional epidemiology.

In Sydney Australia, she was a senior lecturer in Advanced Herbalism, Nutrition and Botany at Australasian College for Natural Therapies and acted as Head of Education on the Executive Board of the National Herbalist Association of Australia.
Previously she was Clinical Chair and Director of the Student Clinic in a Master of Science of Herbal Medicine degree program at the former TAI Sophia Institute in Laurel Maryland where she worked from 2001-2008. She also served as adjunct faculty at University of Maryland’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine program.

Her love of botany and environmental health saw her completing a Naturalist Certification at the USDA Graduate School with a major in Natural History and Ecology in 2007. She has served on the board of the Rachel Carson Council for the past 6 years and focuses on hormone disruption caused by environmental toxins.

Claudia’s long time interest in edible plants and herbalism was sparked by both her grand-mother, a herbalist in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and her botanist father.
After completing her Chef’s apprenticeship in the US and Europe, she travelled to the Middle East to apprentice with a Yemenite herbalist in Israel and then on to Australia where she began formalized study and received Diplomas in Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Naturopathy and Therapeutic Body Work in 1980. She became an RN in 1984 after nursing training at Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia & went on to work as an RN for 12 years in Australia and in Guatemala and Costa Rica on a TB vaccination program. She completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, Nursing at University of Sydney in 1994 with a major in Mental Health.

A lifelong traveller, Claudia continues to indulge her love of slow food, good music, long botanical walks and the occasional (herbal) martini with her musician husband.


Susan Trial

Susan is a great lover of gardens, books, and nature’s power to heal. She has studied herbalism for much of her life and continues to learn and grow with our herbal allies. She specializes in working with stress and fatigue from an Ayurvedic perspective, and hopes to continue to find new ways that herbs and energetics can help us thrive in a complex technological world.



Betsy Costilo, M.S., CNS, LDN

Betsy has always been drawn to the healing arts and the natural world. She began her self-study of herbal medicine in 2001, reading anything and everything she could on the subject of plant
healing, and taking classes wherever she could find them. Drawn by her desire to be closer to nature, she attended the University of Vermont and completed her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Ecological Agriculture, focusing on forest gardening with wild edibles and medicinals. During this time she also completed her 200 hour training in Vajra yoga, and taught for several years in the Burlington area. Desiring to pursue her study of herbal medicine, Betsy received her Masters of Science in Medical Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She currently practicing as a clinical herbalist, licensed nutritionist and Healing Touch practitioner in the Washington D.C. area. She is focusing her practice on supporting fertility and reproductive health, immune system health and digestive health.