Neti Pots for Healthy Noses

Baraka Neti Pots – Dr. OZ and Oprah Approved

You may have heard about Neti Pots on TV. They’ve become more and more popular in recent years as more people realize how easy it can be to feel better and Breathe deeper!

Rinsing with a neti pot is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy recommended by many modern doctors for sinus relief. Traditionally, Neti was developed to enhance Yoga practice, facilitating deep breathing. Today, in addition to helping with allergies and sinus issues, regular use of Neti helps cleanse and protect nasal tissues from the many airborne pollutants we deal with every day.

Using a neti pot:

  • Relieves pain, pressure and congestion by liquefying the excess mucous in your nasal passages and flushing it out.
  • Keeps the cilia (tiny hairs) in your nasal passages moving so they flush out bacteria, allergens and other irritants. Congested or dry sinuses are a breeding ground for infection.

Sinus problems are caused by “a breakdown in the normal function and protective role of the nasal cavity,” explains University of Wisconsin Medical School Professor David Rabago M.D.

“The lining of the nasal cavity protects the upper respiratory system against infection by viruses and bacteria,” he says. “When the mucosa is inadequate to the task, sinus symptoms can result.” Research by Dr. Rabago suggests that nasal rinsing helps the nasal mucosa do its job.

Using a neti pot can help restore your sinuses to health

Common drugstore sinus remedies, while they may temporarily relieve symptoms, suppress or alter the body’s processes. Many of the most common for sinus congestion actually dry your sinuses, leaving you more vulnerable to secondary infection and longer healing times.
Rinsing with a neti pot is a safe and effective solution without those side effects.

Many folks with chronic sinus issues have been able to find glorious relief with the simple, regular use of a neti pot.

Recommended by many doctors

Neti pot use has soared since Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended them on Oprah in 2007. The show’s website quotes Dr. Oz as saying neti pot use “may be more effective than medication.”

In fact, more and more physicians are recommending using a neti pot to their patients as a way to alleviate colds, allergies and sinus problems.

And research by top university medical schools is starting to provide scientific proof of how effective nasal rinsing is. See: University of Wisconsin Study, University of Michigan Study, Rhinitis in Children Study, Nasal Rinsing for Pregnant Women with Allergies.
Easy and gentle

Using a neti pot can easily fit into your daily cleansing routine. All it takes is a few short minutes – just like brushing your teeth. Gravity gently does the work of rinsing your sinuses for you – that’s the beauty of using a traditional neti pot like ours.


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