Olivia’s House Clearing Ritual

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  • 1 white sage smudge bundle or ½ oz of loose white sage
  • 2 tbs sea salt
  • Purified water
  • 5 quartz crystals
  • 1 small bowl

Step 1: Clean Your Space

When effectively cleansing a house, the first step is always to clear the clutter. Yes, please go ahead and groan. Cleaning is my least favorite task in all the known lands, yet cleaning up your home is the best way to set the intention to clear and, after all, intention is the key to a successful clearing.

Step 2: Salt and Water

Purification is a ritual activity that has been commonplace in many cultures for millennia, each with a variety of methods and purposes. Many of these rituals contain water. In fact we perform a daily ritual of bathing that requires water too. So after “bathing” your house by cleaning it, combine two of the most powerful purifiers available: simple salt and water. Mix the salt and water into the small bowl until the salt has dissolved and place one quartz crystal in the bowl, letting it sit for 10 minutes. Clear quartz crystals are known purifiers of negative energy. Next, starting at your front door, sprinkle droplets of the water at walls and doors and windows in each room of the house. You don’t need much, yet the intention that the salt and water is clearing any residual negativity works powerfully together with the action.

Step 3: Sage

White Sage is my favorite sage to use in a clearing and that’s because the energy I feel around White Sage is so pure and light. White Sage has also been used in Native American rituals to purify as well. Start back at your front door again and light the smudging bundle or some of the leaves of the bulk White Sage and walk through the house, drifting the smoke over every wall, door and window until every room has been cleared.

Step 4: Warding

Now that the house is clear, we’re just two steps away from being finished. The first is placing a ward. What’s a ward you ask? Does that mean we get a prize? Yes, you do! A ward comes from the phrase “to ward off”, meaning to keep that which is undesired away from the target area. When placing some wards around the house, your intention is paramount. Hold the remaining four quartz crystals in your hands and visualize them being filled with light and goodness. Next, place them in each of the four corners of your home. Alternatively you can bury them in each of the four corners of your property if that feels right to you.

Step 5: Infusion

It isn’t enough to simply clear a house. Clearing creates neutral space. It has taken any residual energy, negativity, and feelings and cleansed them from the space. Yet neutral space is the perfect opportunity for any new energy to move right on in. Don’t let negative energy feel comfortable enough in that neutral space to create a home for itself in YOUR space. The final task is to do what you love in your freshly cleaned, cleared, cleansed, and purified home. Do what you and your family or roommates love to do whether it be raucous laughter, blasting your favorite music and dancing through the house, singing, playing games, or praying. Infuse your house with YOUR energy so any energies that don’t resonate with the same love and joy that has made your house a home are instantly uncomfortable and either don’t enter or don’t linger long.



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