Rosemary for Remembrance

Rosemary FloweringRosemary has been used throughout the ages as an herb to promote memory and mental clarity. It was used by ancient Greek scholars during examination times and worn by newlyweds to ground them in fidelity, loyalty, and the happy memories of their wedding day. Rosemary’s health benefits for the mind and body are far-reaching, but its specific effect on memory is unique and wonderful.

The herbalist William LaSassier named rosemary as a remedy for clearing out bad memories that stagnate in the mind and body. Thus, rosemary can be said to be excellent not only for restoring general remembrance, but for specifically restoring the remembrance of joy and love.

Rosemary is a powerful circulatory stimulant, which is one reason it’s so wonderful for boosting cognitive function and relieving migraines and muscle pain. It brings life, movement, and detoxification to areas of congestion and stagnation, whether it is used internally or externally. It has been used with great success in conjunction with other therapies for relieving depression and anxiety disorders. The life-giving, stimulating properties of rosemary can help strengthen the personality and restore joy and clarity to a muddled mind.

In general, rosemary is a great friend to the head. Externally, it stimulates the hair follicles and can be used with great success for hair growth (just add some of the essential oil to a carrier oil and massage into the scalp once a month, or make a tea and use it as a scalp rinse). Internally, Rosemary’s restorative effect on the mind and memory is so powerful that it is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Rosemary breaks up stagnation of any kind, both subtle and physical, and it is a great tonic to the nervous system.  You can reach for rosemary if you have a cold or any kind of sinus congestion. For migraine relief, a poultice of rosemary applied to the head and neck can be extremely effective and fast-acting.

Rosemary can be a great help for anxiety, debility, mental fog, memory problems, and cold conditions of the mind and body. One of my favorite characteristics of rosemary is its ability to calm and stimulate at the same time. People suffering from anxiety disorders can sometimes be pale, run-down, and hypersensitive to stimulation. Rosemary’s particular type of stimulation lends strength to these conditions, bringing warmth and life to cold and troubled body systems. Rosemary is often indicated for strong, sensitive types who feel overwhelmed by the world. It grounds us in our bodies, strengthens the personality, and brings warmth and joy into the mind.

In addition to its effects on the mind, rosemary heals the digestion, promotes mental health, and boosts the immune system– what could be better for this time of year? The holiday season can put stress on our digestive, immune and mental health, and rosemary shines as an ally for all three. Adding rosemary to holiday dishes promotes strong digestion and a healthy immune system, not to mention a delicious flavor!


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